Saturday, August 29, 2009

Robert Johnson

says in his book "Owning Your Own Shadow" that...

"To fall in love is to project the most noble and infinitely valuable part of one's being onto another human being."

So does that mean that the things about other people that annoy us, and infinitely get on our nerves, are really characteristics of ourselves which we are insecure about - and therefore hate?

Robin Williams says in his movie "Good Will Hunting" that...

"People call them imperfections, the idiosyncrasies, but they're wrong... those are the good stuff... those are to good stuff."

So when I get to that place where I fall in love with the imperfections of another person, I have concurrently reached that place of loving myself, and that which I could not stand before, becomes ultimately what I will always cherish in years to come.

*God take me there.. I want to be there...*

there are some things...

my friends won't understand. they can't help me through this one... they can't be here this time.

ocean waves,
i wave back
and feel like an idiot

autumn leaves,
and i'm left with bitter, bitter winter

rain pours,
i'd like a cup... something strong, please

wind blows,

this sucks.....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The problem with time...

Chronology has robbed us of the nature of God's existence. For in those moments of our experiential ecstasy, however great they may be, in the end are still moments - and moments fade. Not only do moments fade, but they are also tampered with in later moments by the human psyche. They are made to be better than they ever really were.
When we enter eternity we are placed in the direct presence of God (which is outside of the realm of time). Those moments of ecstasy which we could never hold on to, however much we have convinced ourselves that we want to, are really just moments. The reason why moments fade is because if they didn't they would get old and tiresome.

When we reach eternity and experience ecstasy with God, we will not be trapped in a moment, but freed from chronology and will be living in God's territory - the very absence of time.

We were designed for this ecstasy and are blessed to get glimpses of it now on this earth. But only glimpses for now. One day we will experience it in all completeness, but until that day comes...

We must ride the highs, receive the grace from the lows, and see God in all of it. After all, the journey is the destination.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Fuel of Life

We must not abandon our desire, thinking, "This is what God calls me to". But rather, we must redirect our desire and recognize what we are truly longing for. Desire is a deceiving ally, and will chase what is tangible over what is complete. If we are convinced, however, that a relationship with Christ is the absence of desire, then we have never been more mistaken. For it is not the absence of owning desire in our faith that determines our holiness, but rather our faith, at its core, should be driven by desire. When we begin to see God in everything (practicing His presence) we are graced to understand that this relationship is, from beginning to end, is about desire.